About Turktronics

Turktronics is a smart solution provider in the field of IOT and Embedded System Engineering. Turktronics has heritage in the Industrial Electronics, Internet of Things, Complex PCB boards, Software Designs and Mobile Applications. Create and deploy smart Dashboards to visualize and analyze live data streams of sensors data.

Connect and Manage your Internet of Things products instantly.

We offer a ready to go and scalable infrastructure for IOT products. Our designed admin and user console allow to integrate and visualized any kind of sensors and systems so our clients can better act and apply business logic. Our REST APIs are secure and efficient.

We have experienced hardware team which can take on all kind of hardware designs from simple to complex industrial problems. TURKTRONICS offer complete solution and transform your idea to manufactured products and deliver tested products to your door steps.

Embedded Systems is core expertise of TURKTRONICS team, we design modern embedded systems based on cost efficient, robust and state of the art components. Turktronics design and deliver all kind of Embedded Systems based on your need and services.

Modern agile environment demand smart and efficient Web Servers to handle large amount of data from sensors and apps. Our team is expert in designing and deployment of scalable webservers for all kind of user applications. Our designed dashboards help to visualize and analyze data efficiently.

Our designed mobile apps are able to interact with webservers and custom designed devices. BLE, WIFI and NFC protocols are implemented. We design apps for both Android and ios platforms. Our apps are stable and reliable and well tested before delivery.

TURKTRONICS provide industrial automation services to clients, we offer our complete design and deployment of SCADA, PLC and MODBUS based industrial control systems. Our designs are stable and perform well over the years. Industrial Motor Controls and PID tuning is our core expertise.

TURKTRONICS deploy IOT gateways. Our team has deployed LORAWAN, SIGFOX and Satellite based IOT gateways for sensor networks and data gathering. IOT in the remote areas depend upon those gateways to send data to central cloud servers, it enable global sensors deployments.

Awesome and Efficient coding

We believe that providing an awesome developer experience is a must when adopting new trends of IOT. We deal with machines, but we believe in clean designs for User interaction. Easy to use as well as easy to understand. Our team handle complex coding problem very efficiently.

Our Clients

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